Wade Phillips goes viral over photo of gold chain compared to Eli Manning’s

Over the course of more than 40 years as an NFL coach, Wade Phillips became known for his team’s imposing defenses. He coached five Defensive Player of the Year winners and two others took Defensive Rookie of the Year honors. He had top-10 total defenses 20 times and top-10 scoring defenses 13 times.

Now Phillips, who was fired by the Rams at the end of the 2019 season, is in the second act of his career as a Twitter personality and fashion icon, two roles that seem to fit him well.

In particular, Phillips was making the rounds on Twitter during Monday night’s Rams-Cardinals wild-card matchup when a photo surfaced of him wearing a gold chain and was compared to the gold chain Snoog Dogg gave Eli Manning.

Manning used the chain on Monday’s edition of the Manningcast. Snoop gave it to him as a birthday present at the previous Manningcast, which featured the Browns and Steelers.

After Manning put it on and started showing it off, it spread on social media, where Phillips quickly found out and weighed in on the debate over who wore it best.

Phillips got chain from ex-Broncos defensive back Aqib Talib, who introduced him to the coach during media day before Super Bowl 50 and declared that the then-68-year-old was “dripping.”

However, the longtime trainer and his father were always fashion icons. Wade’s father, Bum, who was a head coach in the NFL from 1975 to 1985, was also known for his outfits, notably a large fur coat and ten-gallon hat, which Wade showed off in 2019.