UEFA Nations League draw 2022-2023: Date, time, stream, teams, pots & groups

With the turn of the calendar year, UEFA is preparing to launch the third edition of the Nations League competition.

The European football governing body expects this draw to go better than the Champions League draw earlier this week, which required a replay thanks to a series of procedural errors.

World Cup champions France will look to defend the Nations League title it beat Spain in October, while the usual giants such as Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Germany and England are expected to be in the running. struggle. Portugal beat the Netherlands for the inaugural Nations League championship in 2019.

Other countries, including those at the lower levels of the League of Nations, will fight for promotion and to avoid relegation. Playoff spots in other major competitions are also expected. It remains to be determined which Euro 2024 playoff spots will be awarded to the best performing nations in the Nations League. The Czech Republic and Austria reached the FIFA World Cup playoffs by winning their respective groups in the 2020-21 Nations League.

How to watch the UEFA Nations League draw

  • Date: Thursday, December 16
  • Hour: 12 pm ET
  • Transmission: UEFA.com

The 2022-23 UEFA Nations League draw will take place from UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland and the event may be broadcast on UEFA.com.

The draw will divide a total of 55 European countries into 14 groups into four separate divisions or “Leagues”.

How the UEFA Nations League draw works

The UEFA Nations League is divided into four leagues labeled A, B, C and D, with “A” with the best teams in Europe and “D” with the smallest countries. The 55 nations are grouped based on their performance in the latest edition of the Nations League, taking into account the promotion and relegation between each of the four categories.

For Leagues A, B and C, the teams are divided into four pots of four teams each according to the performance ranking, and will be divided into groups as in the World Cup or other major continental competitions.

For League D, the draw is similar, but since there are only seven participating countries, they are grouped into a group consisting of four nations and a group of three.

The relegation playoffs of Kazakhstan vs. Moldova and Cyprus vs. Estonia’s previous edition of the Nations League have yet to be played and are scheduled for March 2022. The winner of each will participate in League C and the loser will advance to League D for 2022-23.

Nations League A tie pots

Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4
France Portugal England Welsh
Spain Netherlands Poland Austria
Italy Denmark Swiss Czech
Belgium Germany Croatia Hungary

Nations League B Draw Jackets

Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4
Ukraine Finland Israel Slovenia
Sweden Norway Romania Montenegro
Scotland Serbia Albania
Iceland Russia Rep, Ireland Armenia

Nations League C draw jackpots

Note: The relegation playoff winners of Kazakhstan against Moldova and Cyprus against Estonia in March 2022 will be included in League C.

Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4
Turkey Greece Lithuania Kazakhstan /
Slovakia Belarus Georgia Cyprus /
Bulgaria Luxembourg Azerbaijan Gibraltar
From North
Kosovo Faroe Islands

Nations League D draw jackpots

Note: The relegation playoff losers of Kazakhstan against Moldova and Cyprus against Estonia in March 2022 will be included in League D.

Pot 1 Pot 2
Kazakhstan /
Cyprus /
San Marino
Liechtenstein Andorra

When is the UEFA Nations League played?

The League of Nations was initially built to replace international friendlies with meaningful competition and as such is contested during international breaks over the span of two calendar years and is scheduled around other more critical tournaments such as the Euro or the qualification for the World Cup.

The first day of the group stage of the Nations League 2022-23 will take place in June 2022. The group stage will conclude in September 2022, the semi-finals and the final of the tournament will be played in June 2023 and the tiebreaker of relegation of League C will be played in March 2024.

  • Group days 1 and 2: June 2-8, 2022 (all leagues, AD)
  • Group days 3 and 4: June 8-14, 2022 (all leagues, AD)
  • Group days 5 and 6: September 22-27, 2022 (all leagues, AD)
  • Nations League Semifinals: June 14-15, 2023 (League A group winners only)
  • Nations League Final and Third Place: June 18, 2023 (League A group winners only)
  • Relegation qualifiers: March 21-23 and 24-26, 2024 (only the last-place teams in League C)

Once the groups are formed, the teams meet twice in group play, once at home and once away.

This is decided among the four group winners in League A through a knockout group that will crown the champion from 2022-2023. The four nations play a single elimination semi-final in June 2023 followed by a final (for semi-final winners) or a match for third place (for semi-final losers) a few days later.

Group winners from Leagues B, C, and D are automatically promoted to the higher leagues. They take the place of teams that are relegated to a lower level.

Nations that finish at the bottom of their groups in Leagues A and B are relegated to the bottom tier. The four last-place teams in League C are involved in a relegation tiebreaker that sends only two of the teams to League D. The last-place teams in League D obviously remain at that level for the next edition.

2022-23 UEFA Nations League group draw

The results of the draw for each group will be completed in the tables below:

Nations League A Draw (Groups 1-4)

Group A1 Group A2 Group A3 Group A4

Nations League B Draw (Groups 1-4)

Group B1 Group B2 Group B3 Group B4

Nations League C Draw (Groups 1-4)

Group C1 Group C2 Group C3 Group C4

Nations League D Draw (Groups 1-2)

Group D1 Group D2