Tom Brady admits that Super Bowl XLII loss to Giants motivated him throughout career

Tom Brady may have seven Super Bowl rings, but he also has three Super Bowl losses. And those losses have impacted the longevity of his NFL career.

However, the biggest loss to hit Brady was the 2008 Super Bowl, in which the Patriots lost 17-14 to the Giants. The Patriots were undefeated that 2007 season, and they remain the only team in NFL history to go 16-0 in the regular season. So when the Patriots lost a close battle to the Giants in the Super Bowl, it wasn’t easy for Brady and his teammates.

On episode four of the ESPN series “Man in the Arena,” Brady explained how this 2008 Super Bowl loss motivated him to keep playing and keep winning.

“If we had won that game I’m not a great hypothetical guy, but maybe the wish is a little different if you’re looking [a] ray of hope, “said Brady.” Maybe the desire to get to that point, maybe it would have been fulfilled, not to stop playing at that moment, but I don’t know, maybe I play another seven or eight years and I am fulfilled. Maybe not, but there’s not much I can do about it right now. Maybe that’s the lesson of life. Deal with what happens, positive [and] negative. You cannot change it. You can learn from him and hopefully you can make him a good person and deal with life in a positive way. And when things don’t go your way, appreciate the other people who are doing well, and then do your best to get back there again. And I knew that if I ever won a Super Bowl again, I was going to celebrate the [expletive] out of that “.

When Brady lost his first Super Bowl in 2008, he had already won three. He then lost two straight Super Bowl appearances, both to the Giants. Then the Giants became the team he liked best to beat Brady, and this is something he still admits in 2021.

Brady won his most recent Super Bowl in 2021 after beating the Chiefs 31-9 with the Buccaneers. His overall Super Bowl record is 7-3. With his seven wins, he has more Super Bowl rings than any NFL team in history. The Patriots and Steelers have six wins each, respectively.

At age 44, Brady has shown no clear intention of retiring soon. This year, he even said he could play into his 50s, which would break the NFL record for the oldest player in history.

“Man in the Arena” is a 10-part documentary that highlights Brady’s 10 Super Bowl appearances. It runs on ESPN + until January 18, 2022.