Thursday Night Football FanDuel Picks: NFL DFS lineup advice for Week 15 Chiefs-Chargers single-game tournaments

The Thursday night football showdown of Week 15 promises to offer an exciting showdown as the Chargers host the Chiefs with first place in the AFC West at stake. Kansas City is a three-point favorite at the Las Vegas sportsbooks. The Chargers, meanwhile, are handling the injuries of several of their comprehensive offensive players. Bettors are still expecting a flurry of points though, with totals climbing above 50. Overall, this builds up to be a fun DFS contest, so we’re excited to unleash our lineup picks of a only game from Week 15 of FanDuel.

Here are the key scoring settings for single-game FanDuel contests: Total points for “MVP” are multiplied by 1.5, but it does not cost additional money as “Captain” in DraftKings Showdown contests. The default FanDuel score is y, and there are no bonuses for 100/300 yard games like in DraftKings.

FanDuel Single Game DFS Picks: Chiefs vs. Chargers

$ 50,000 budget, at least one player from each team is needed.

The Chiefs are undoubtedly in a dominant defensive run, allowing just 9.6 points to offenses in the last five games. We’re moving through the hurdles here though, and Justin Herbert has four FanDuel performances of over 30.0 points (including a 40.0 spot) on the season. We will risk it.

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Kelce has been quiet lately, posting identical 3-27 lines in each of the last two games. There are no sophisticated analyzes to determine when a player “must”, but sometimes “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”, as they say. Kelce hasn’t been barking about a lack of production, but the Chiefs are unlikely to allow a player of his caliber to be a piece for much longer.

The availability of Austin Ekeler (ankle) and Mike Williams (heel) is currently in doubt after they both registered DNP earlier in the week. Allen is already the team’s most objective pass receiver, so if those two are down, or even limited, it stands to reason that Allen would be asked to carry a heavier load. He’s not a great touchdown scorer, but this is a situation where the probability of one is high.

Field marshal | Running backwards | Wide receiver | Tight end | D / ST | Kicker

Edwards-Helaire hasn’t gotten the many touches we’d hoped to see him handle, but he has played well in three games since returning from a knee injury. The Chargers are happy to allow teams to commit to the race, so it wouldn’t be particularly surprising to see Edwards-Helaire receive a healthy workload.

Kelley handled 10 carries and staggered on his only goal after Ekeler walked out of the contest last Sunday with an ankle injury. Ekeler posted a DNP on Monday and limited practice on Tuesday’s run. It’s a huge game for the Chargers, so they (and Ekeler himself) can try to do everything in their power to get their star ready to adapt again. It’s a very tight window that they’re working with though, so you may see fewer touches than usual and Kelley gets some key carries around the goal line.