Thursday Night Football DraftKings Picks: NFL DFS lineup advice for Week 15 Chiefs-Chargers Showdown tournaments

The Chiefs vs. Chargers showdown is arguably the most anticipated Thursday Night Football showdown of the season. Top spot in the division is up for grabs as the underdog Chargers attempt to knock the Chiefs out of their position at the top of the AFC West. The Chiefs are favored by three points at Las Vegas sportsbooks and totals are above 50. NFL DFS players should pay close attention to injury reports before blocking their Match-of-the-Week lineups. 15 from DraftKings, as several key Chargers will be hampered, if not inactive in total.

Here are the important settings for DraftKings single game contests: Is, and there is, and. The Captain’s pick costs 1.5 times the player’s original price, but also gets his total points multiplied by 1.5.

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$ 50,000 budget, at least one player from each team is needed.

While we respect the career the Chiefs defense has been in lately (9.6 points allowed in the last five), we are still going to roll with Herbert as our captain. We are aiming for the moon with these alignments, and the ceiling Herbert has shown is too high not to put our faith in him here.

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There’s reason to be concerned about the effectiveness, and perhaps joint availability, of Austin Ekeler (ankle) and Mike Williams (heel), which is why we’re drawn to Allen, whose 86 touches (all receptions) rank second behind Ekeler. . among the weapons of the Chargers. It’s reasonable to expect Herbert to look at Allen early and often.

This is unscientific, but it is common to see a star player featured after one (or two) negative performances. Last week, he was limited to four goals and, coincidentally, his second straight line of 3-27. The Chargers have been generous in production, they’ve given up on tight ends, and after two bad starts, it may be time for Kelce to reintroduce himself as the best TE in the game.

Field marshal | Running backwards | Wide receiver | Tight end | D / ST | Kicker

The Chargers have no qualms about allowing other teams to methodically try to move the ball down the field throughout the run. Edwards-Helaire has had three solid games since returning to action after a five-game break. It’s not the bulk hog we’d like to see, but it has proven capable of dealing damage on the ground and through the air.

Field marshal | Running backwards | Wide receiver | Tight end | D / ST | Kicker

Guyton doesn’t get many goals, but he’s been efficient lately, catching his last seven passes and scoring two touchdowns in the last two weeks. If Guyton is forced to handle more plays and / or goals with a sick Williams, he could be poised for another solid performance.

Kelley saw 11 touches in place of Ekeler, who went down with an ankle injury in Week 14. Ekeler posted a “DNP” in Monday’s projected practice and a “limited practice” during Tuesday’s run of the Chargers, for what remains to be seen if he will be in full force for Thursday’s contest.