The reason why Russell Wilson didn’t talk Seahawks situation, future on Manningcast

No hawks.

Appropriately enough, Russell Wilson was one of the guests on Manningcast’s final broadcast of the season, with the quarterback sitting out during the wild-card matchup between the Rams and Cardinals. Those are two teams he’s pretty familiar with, considering they’re NFC West rivals.

But fans who tuned in to hear the Seahawks quarterback talk about, well, the Seahawks, were left wanting. Wilson, Peyton and Eli Manning seemed to avoid any discussion of Wilson’s future with the franchise, which seems murky at this point.

There’s a reason for that: According to the Tacoma News Tribune’s Gregg Bell, Wilson agreed to participate in Manningcast under an agreement that Wilson would not be asked about Seattle, his future with the Seahawks or the drama surrounding the franchise.

It’s a smart PR move by Wilson (even if the content wouldn’t be as interesting as it could have been for Manningcast). Wilson and the Seahawks could be headed for a split this offseason, if the drama of 2021 was any indicator of the seemingly souring relationship between the two sides.

Earlier in 2021, Wilson set the world on fire during an incendiary appearance on the “Dan Patrick Show” when he seemingly confirmed a minor rift with the team’s front office. Trade rumors persisted throughout the offseason, with his agent releasing a list of teams Wilson would approve a trade to, but Wilson started and finished the year in the Emerald City.

It’s unfortunate: While Manningcast has been a worthwhile novel experiment this year, fans shouldn’t expect breaking and hard-hitting news from Manning Bros. or their guests in the future.

Well, not unless you include the purchase of T-rex bones.