Stephen A. Smith has predictably lame response after Cowboys’ playoff loss to 49ers

Stephen A. Smith has risen to fame for his hot shots, and also for his hot hate for the Dallas Cowboys.

It wasn’t long after the Cowboys flopped against the 49ers on Sunday that ESPN’s commentator dusted off the gimmick and fabricated some fake laughs and an embarrassing performance that wouldn’t fit in a direct-to-DVD deal box at your local Best Buy.

Smith took to Twitter to deliver a minute-long reel of selfish laughter on Sunday.

Didn’t I tell you? Didn’t I tell you? All year long, when everyone was hyping the Big D guys, what did your boy Stephen A. say? “They’re not even going to win a playoff game.” Well, sure enough, just in time, just when it really counted, they broke down like a cheap tent in bad weather. All I have to say is two things: How about those jeans? See you at “First Take” tomorrow. Your boy is back, just in time.

In reality, the entire clip is a cheap promo for more pointless hot takes on a bad morning show at best, and a manufactured, embarrassing disdain for continuing to mock a fanbase at worst, but this is what you should expect from Smith. , especially after a loss to the Cowboys.

Unlike Smith’s response here, the Cowboys’ loss on Sunday was pretty hilarious: Dallas tied the NFL playoff record with 14 penalties, including seven pre-snap penalties, while the game’s final play was worth a YouTube blooper.

The loss put head coach Mike McCarthy in the spotlight for several egregious mistakes in the game while Dak Prescott played a poor game in the first round of the playoffs, leading to another early exit for the ‘Boys.

Consider yourself promoted, Stephen A.