Rams’ Odell Beckham Jr. hit with random drug test after stellar performance vs. Cardinals

When the LA Rams signed Odell Beckham Jr. midway through the season, they did so with the postseason in mind.

And in the Rams’ Monday Night Football wild-card loss to division rival the Arizona Cardinals, the wide receiver’s impact paid dividends.

He did it all.

He caught deep balls.

He caught touchdowns.

He even showed off his throwing arm.

Beckham put in one of his best performances for Los Angeles during the Rams’ 34-11 victory over the Cardinals in Monday’s NFL wild-card game. He made four catches for 54 yards with a touchdown and gave that 40-yard pass to Cam Akers.

So not only did OBJ get a division-round game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but he also got a random drug test on Wednesday.

The Rams WR shared the text message from an NFL representative on their Instagram story on Wednesday.

“Lolololol bro, it’s been for the last 3 years…obviously more since I’m a ram.” Beckham added on Twitter.

The wide receiver has recorded six touchdowns in seven games since signing a one-year, $4.25 million deal with the Rams on Nov. 12. He only registered five touchdowns during the eight games he played for the Browns this season.

If it wasn’t the stellar road run that caught the league’s attention, maybe it was his kicking skills that landed him in the random test.

Under the NFL and NFL Players Association 2020 Drug Testing Policy, a computer program randomly selects 10 players from each club’s active roster, practice squad roster and reserve roster.

Although it seems very coincidental that OBJ’s name was called after his last streak.

Earlier this season, Beckham’s former teammate Myles Garrett criticized the NFL for submitting to random drug tests three times in four weeks. Garrett didn’t feel like he was being randomly called by name and said he was going to stop wearing short-sleeved shirts because they showed too much of his muscles.

Beckham Jr. himself has previously stated that he is being attacked per the NFL’s random drug testing policy.

Nonetheless, OBJ helped the Rams advance to the divisional round and received a $500,000 incentive for his efforts.

You have a chance to win an additional $750,000 with a win over the Bucs. He could also earn an additional $1 million for a Super Bowl win and $500,000 for a loss.

Can you replicate your wild card effort?