Rams’ Cam Akers explains gesture after Budda Baker injury: ‘Didn’t know he was hurt’

Rams running back Cam Akers and Cardinals safety Budda Baker were involved in a brutal collision during the third quarter of Los Angeles’ 34-11 wild-card win Monday. Baker suffered a head injury during the play and appeared to be unconscious after Akers’ helmet accidentally bounced off his.

However, that didn’t stop Akers from taunting Baker a bit after the play. Akers walked past Baker and gestured toward security with his right hand. That got the attention of some Cardinals and started a mini shouting match during what was a splintered second half of the game.

While Akers was on the defensive for a moment after his taunt, he seemed more apologetic as Baker remained on the ground. Akers was seen shaking his head and kneeling on the field as Baker was carried out on a stretcher and taken to a local hospital.

Though his post-punch move certainly didn’t look good, Akers took to Twitter Monday night to clear the air and explain what happened. He also wished Baker the best in his recovery from an apparent concussion.

Akers’ explanation checks out. You wouldn’t have seen Baker lose control when he ran past the Cardinals safety after their collision. He turned quickly and gestured to Baker before he had time to realize what had happened.

Akers also knows what it’s like to suffer a major injury. He ruptured his Achilles tendon in late July and as a result was expected to miss the 2021 NFL season and the 2022 NFL playoffs. However, he made a miraculous comeback and returned for the regular season finale. of the Rams against the 49ers. His outing against the Cardinals was only his second of the season.

We’ll see if Baker responds to Akers’ well wishes. Baker tweeted that he was “fine” as of Tuesday morning. The Cardinals previously reported that he has feeling and movement in all of his limbs.