Packers’ Aaron Rodgers jokes that ‘Sunday Night Football’ doppelganger appearance was a ‘total plant by NBC’

Aaron Rodgers led the Packers to a 45-30 win over the Bears on “Sunday Night Football,” but one of the enduring images of the game was unrelated to their play on the field. Instead, it was a side-by-side of himself and a resemblance that the “SNF” broadcast found among the crowd.

The fan in question appeared in the fourth quarter of the Packers’ victory. His striking similarities to Rodgers surprised the NBC broadcast duo of Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth, and Michaels noted that the fan fit “the definition of doppelganger” perfectly.

This was certainly a surprising find on the part of the NBC camera crew. O. . was that? Rodgers joked that I wasn’t so sure it was an accident during her weekly appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show.”

“Total floor,” Rodgers said expressionlessly. “That was a total NBC plant, I’m sure.”

Rodgers also joked that he sent an “astral projection” of himself with a “full beard” into the stands early in the show. However, his favorite joke was his conspiracy theory about the plant. In particular, he noted that the fan simply saw the camera while it was on the screen.

“What makes me think it could have been a plant is, don’t you turn to the camera and recognize the camera?” Rodgers joked. “Do you have your SAG (Screen Actors Guild) card?”

Rodgers will have to ask the man to confirm that theory. It appears the man may be Twitter user @SherbyFrank, who posted the following tweet on Tuesday morning.

The identity of the doppelganger has yet to be confirmed, but that seems to be the biggest clue to his possible identity at this point.

Rodgers noted that it wasn’t the only double seen in the NFL during Week 14 action. He mentioned that NFL fans identified that Texans punter Cameron Johnston looks almost exactly like comedian Bill Burr.

“I saw that one,” Rodgers said of the Johnston-Burr comparisons. “That was spot on too.”