Odell Beckham Jr. does a bit for everything for Rams in win over Cardinals, continues resurgence

Whatever goodwill Odell Beckham Jr. lacked in New York and Cleveland, he seems to be more than making up for it in Los Angeles with the Rams. Beckham, who was released by the Browns on Nov. 8 and signed with the Rams on Nov. 11, has become an immediate impact player for Sean McVay.

In his nine games with the Rams this season, he has 31 catches for 359 yards and six touchdowns, while he had just 17 catches for 232 yards and no touchdowns this season with the Browns. But it was his performance in Monday night’s playoff win against the Cardinals that really got people talking.

The Rams cruised to a 34-11 victory as quarterback Matthew Stafford finally notched his first career playoff win after nearly 14 seasons in the NFL. Stafford played well, as did the Rams defense, but Beckham was one of the big stories of the night.

Playing just the second playoff game of his career and the first in five years, the veteran wide receiver did a bit of everything Monday, catching four receptions for 54 yards and a touchdown and throwing a pass for 40 yards on a trick play.

His 40-yard bomb to Cam Akers put the Rams on the Arizona 11, leading to a Los Angeles touchdown two plays later. It is the fourth straight season that Beckham has thrown and completed a pass. He is 5-for-7 with 184 yards and two touchdowns in his career as a passer.

In fact, Beckham is so skilled as a passer that Stafford, who does this for a living, thought the receiver probably could have completed his bomb on Akers with his non-dominant hand.

“That thing hung like a moonball from Russell Wilson”, McVay said after the game. “He threw a touchdown pass on that same play a couple of years ago when he was in New York. He is a very talented guy. We’ve got a couple guys that can pitch.”

It wasn’t just Beckham’s passing prowess that caught people’s attention. His touchdown grab came on a goal line fade where Beckham simply jumped over the defender to catch him.

The Rams face Tampa Bay next week in the divisional round of the playoffs, and one way or another, Beckham will likely be a key factor in that game.