NWSL Expansion Draft time, TV, streaming, order, player list, rules for Angel City, Wave FC

Already ranked by many as the top women’s professional soccer league in the world, the NWSL has gained considerable popularity over the past calendar year, and with the league enjoying the spotlight, this week should get the juices flowing more.

The NWSL Draft takes place on Saturday, but the first is the NWSL Expansion Draft on Thursday, which will lay the groundwork for two new expansion teams. San Diego Wave FC and Angel City FC will join the league in 2022, and their rosters will be partially built through this expansion draft process.

Angel City FC won the first pick on a coin toss, so they are on the clock first. The rules allow both Angel City and Wave FC to select a maximum of one player from nine other teams, but given prior trade-offs involving roster protection, that won’t happen.

Angel City will not be able to select players from six teams and Wave FC will not be able to touch the five-team rosters. That leaves a total of nine available selections combined.

NWSL Expansion Draft Picks

Round Angel City FC San Diego Wave FC

Viewing the NWSL Expansion Draft

  • Date: Thursday December 16
  • Hour: 7 pm ET
  • Television channel: CBS Sports Network
  • Transmission: fuboTV, Paramount +, CBS Sports HQ

The NWSL expansion draft will be available on various platforms, including television through CBS Sports Network, which is available for broadcast on fuboTV, available for new users at a 7-day free trial.

The broadcasts will also be available on the CBS Paramount + platform, CBS Sports HQ, Twitch (CBS Sports HQ channel) and YouTube (CBS Sports HQ and NWSL channels).

How the NWSL Expansion Draft Works

The official draft guidelines provide each of the two expansion teams with up to a maximum of nine selections, although that will not happen due to prior agreements with those teams. Either team can also decide to pass a selection.

While the Kansas City Current are exempt from the draft, the other nine NWSL clubs were able to protect nine of their players before the draft and that list was allowed to include a maximum of one player assigned to the US. Players were left unprotected and available for selection in the Expansion Draft unless prior agreement had been reached between the teams (see below).

Here is a summary of the key rules for the Expansion Draft:

  • Expansion teams have three minutes to make each selection;
  • Each expansion team can select a player or a player assigned to the US from each team, for a maximum total of nine selections;
  • Each expansion team cannot select more than one assigned US Unprotected player in the expansion draft;
  • Existing teams cannot lose more than two of their unprotected players in the Expansion Draft (of which only one can be a player assigned to the US);
  • Existing teams cannot lose more than one player from any position group (goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, forward);
  • Expansion Draft selections cannot be redeemed, but players selected in the Expansion Draft can be redeemed after the event;
  • Each expansion kit has two 5-minute timeouts, although they cannot be used consecutively.

Through pre-Draft Expansion agreements, there have been several NWSL teams that have crafted draft protection for players they had to leave unprotected:

  • Exempt Kansas City Stream: As part of the agreement with the league to become an expansion team in 2021, the Kansas City Current are exempt from this draft entirely.
  • Several other exemptions have been created through trade-offs:
    • The Chicago Red Stars, North Carolina Courage Y NJ / NY Gotham FC They have made deals to win Expansion Draft protection for both teams.
    • OL Reign They have Angel City FC expansion protection just for their front group, which includes Megan Rapinoe. Reign is not surge protected by Wave FC.
    • The Portland thorns have full Angel City expansion protection for a previous exchange.
    • Racing Louisville FC has full expansion protection from Angel City as part of an earlier exchange that sent Christen Press rights to the expansion club.
    • The Spirit of washington redeemed for the protection of their players assigned to the USA from Angel City and the full protection of Wave FC.

NWSL Players Eligible for Draft Expansion Draft

While a number of popular players have either been protected or have already switched to expansion teams, including Alex Morgan, who was sent to Wave FC last week, there are some unprotected players leaving the page.

Megan Rapinoe is the most popular unprotected player, and while she is unlikely to be selected due to a number of factors, including OL Reign protecting her group of Angel City FC forwards, she is a big enough name for Wave FC. be attractive to try.

The Houston Dash decided not to put USWNT midfielder Kristie Mewis on their protected list, and Washington’s Jordan DiBiasi is also unprotected.

Houston Dash (24):

  • Michaela abam
  • Michelle Alozie
  • Joelle Anderson (College Protected Player)
  • Bridgette Andrzejewski (Playing Rights)
  • Allysha chapman
  • Taylor Comeau (Reproduction Rights)
  • Nikki Cross (Playing Rights)
  • Amanda Dennis (Gambling Rights)
  • Hannah diaz
  • Marissa Diggs (Reproduction Rights)
  • Lindsey harris
  • Melissa Henderson (Playing Rights)
  • Bianca Henninger (Game Rights)
  • Savannah Jordan (Playing Rights)
  • Veronica Latsko
  • Kristie Mewis (US Federation Player)
  • Christine Nairn (Game Rights)
  • Emily ogle
  • Megan oyster
  • Ally prisock
  • Annika schmidt
  • Sophie schmidt
  • Jasmyne spencer
  • Brianna visalli

OL Reign (28):

  • Lauren Barnes
  • Amber brooks
  • Maria Bullock (Reproduction Rights)
  • Stephanie Catley (Playing Rights)
  • Stephanie Cox (Playing Rights)
  • Kiersten Dallstream
  • Ella Dederick
  • Madison hammond
  • Kelcie Hedge
  • Sam hiatt
  • Celia
  • Adrienne Jordan (Rights of the Game)
  • King Tziarra
  • Alyssa Kleiner (Game Rights)
  • Jimena Lopez (International – MEX)
  • Kristen McNabb
  • Sinclaire Miramontez
  • Cosette Morche
  • Theresa Nielsen (Rights of the Game)
  • Morgan Proffitt (Gambling Rights)
  • Leah Pruitt
  • Megan Rapinoe (US Federation Player)
  • Nikki stanton
  • Rumi Utsugi (Game Rights)
  • Abby Wambach (Playing Rights)
  • Dani weatherholt
  • Lydia Williams (Game Rights)
  • Beverly Yanez (Gambling Rights)

Orlado Pride (21):

  • Kerry Abello (Collegiate Protected Player)
  • Kaylie Collins Claire Emslie (Copyrights)
  • Joanna Fennema (Game Rights)
  • Caitlin Farrell (Playing Rights)
  • Megan Dougherty Howard
  • Gunnhildur Jonsdottir
  • Abi kim
  • Carrie Lawrence
  • Camila Martins Pereira (Game rights)
  • Erin McCleod (CAN Federation Player)
  • Jade Moore (International – ENG)
  • Toni Pressley
  • Ali riley
  • Parker Roberts
  • Kylie strom
  • Erika tymrak
  • Emily Van Egmond (Rights of the Game)
  • Marisa viggiano
  • Chelsee washington
  • Brittany wilson
  • Shelina Zadorsky (Reproduction Rights)

Portland Thorns (27):

  • Amirah Ali (University Protected Player)
  • Nadine Angerer (Game Rights)
  • Hannah betfort
  • Celeste Boureille
  • Samantha Coffey (College Protected Player)
  • Marian Dougherty (Playing Rights)
  • Britt Eckerstrom (Reproduction Rights)
  • Marissa everett
  • Shelby hogan
  • Kelli hubly
  • Meghan klingenberg
  • Andressa Machry (Game Rights)
  • Nikki Marshall (Reproduction Rights)
  • Meagan Morris (Gambling Rights)
  • Meaghan Nally
  • Madison pogarch
  • Hayley Raso (Game Rights)
  • Katherine Reynolds (Gambling Rights)
  • Yazmeen ryan
  • Angela salem
  • Becky Sauerbrunn (US Federation Player)
  • Christine Sinclair
  • Abby smith
  • Katarina Tarr (Game Rights)
  • Rachel Van Hollebeke (Reproduction Rights)
  • Christen westphal
  • Sandra Yu (Game Rights)

Racing Louisville FC (17):

  • Julia Ashley
  • Janine Beckie (Playing Rights)
  • Caitlin Foord (Reproduction Rights)
  • Parker Goins (varsity protected player)
  • Tobin Heath (Reproduction Rights)
  • Alanna Kennedy (Game Rights)
  • Nealy Martin
  • Cheyna matthews
  • Savannah McCaskill
  • Addisyn merrick
  • Lauren Milliet
  • Yuki Nagasato (International – JPN)
  • Taylor otto
  • Kaleigh riehl
  • Erin simon
  • Emily Smith (College Protected Player)

Spirit of Washington (18):

  • Taylor allymer
  • Camryn Biegalski
  • Averie Collins
  • Jordan DiBiasi
  • Morgan goff
  • Anna Heilferty
  • Tori huster
  • Devon kerr
  • Lori Lindsey (Gaming Rights)
  • Joanna Lohman (Gambling Rights)
  • Paige nielsen
  • Kelley O’Hara (USA Federation player)
  • Kariana rodriguez
  • Sydney schneider
  • Emily Sonnett (US Federation Player)
  • Andi Sullivan (US Federation Player)
  • Saori Takarada (International – JPN)
  • Kumi Yokoyama (International – JPN)