NFL Pick ’em Pool Picks Week 18: Expert advice on favorites, upsets to consider in confidence pools, office pools

If you’re lagging behind in your NFL pick pool, then you’ve got to take some risks with underdogs or unpopular favorites this week. If you’re still alive in your NFL survivor pool, then there are no more “saving teams.” No matter what kind of strategy you are employing in your various soccer groups this week, one constant remains: You must make your selections right. Fortunately, the experts at TeamRankings are here to help inform your picks from week 18 of the NFL with tips and advice on five key games.

Picks that are underestimated by the public can generate weekly earnings that make the difference between winning and losing an NFL group throughout the season, while clever, surprised picks can drive success in weekly groups. TeamRankings is the only site that offers personalized picks that maximize your advantage in the NFL pick pools. Take a look at TeamRankings’ Pick ’em Soccer Picks, NFL Survivors Picks, Y NFL Betting Picks.

Week 18 NFL Pick ’em Pool Picks: Tips, Strategy

This article was written on Wednesday, but if the odds of winning and the pick popularity numbers hold up, the teams below provide compelling trade-offs of risk versus reward to differentiate their Week 18 picks from their pool opponents.

It is important to note that we are not necessarily saying what to do. everything of these selections. In particular, some pesky picks can be unnecessarily risky for your group, even if they’re technically underrated. You should take a general level of risk with your choices that is appropriate for the size and rules of your group. All-season groups generally require more conservative picks than week-long groups, but if you are behind a leader with two weeks to get the money, you may also need to increase the amount of risks you take. If you want our game-by-game selection recommendations for everyone you specific pools, use our Soccer Pick ’em Picks Product.

Odds of Winning and Pick Popularity Estimates below may change between post time and start time. If you want the latest numbers, our product it is updated several times a day.

Favorite Value

The Bengals have already secured the AFC North. Cincinnati RB Joe Mixon is out this week after testing positive for COVID, and QB Joe Burrow (knee) will also not start. That’s why the line has changed and the Browns are a huge favorite.

So far, public data shows that the majority of people continue to elect the Bengals. Take advantage and secure the Browns.

Favorite Value

The Saints are the favorites here, but enough people are picking a Falcons upset to make New Orleans a worthwhile pick. New Orleans needs to win to make the playoffs. Atlanta beat them earlier in the year in New Orleans, so that could be influencing crowd pick rates here as well.

Fun fact: The Saints have a winning record (11-8) in Atlanta since the NFC South was formed in 2002, including a 6-1 record as a favorite.

NFL Betting Picks

Favorite at a reasonable price

Both Dallas and Philadelphia are in the playoffs, and Dallas has clinched the NFC East. Philadelphia is locked in at the No. 6 or No. 7 seed in the NFC. Dallas could improve all the way to the No. 2 seed, but it would need a few other surprises for that to happen. The Cowboys are touchdown favorites right now, but much of the crowd is giving the Eagles a chance that there is value in staying in Dallas.

Several key Eagles players are likely to be out of Saturday’s game after testing positive for COVID, including OL Jason Kelce, TE Dallas Goedert and DL Fletcher Cox. Given that they have already secured a playoff spot and can’t do much to improve their position, the Eagles are unlikely to rush players back.

Annoying value bet

The Packers are a popular pick against Detroit, which is not surprising given Green Bay is 13-3 and the Lions 2-13-1. But the Packers have already secured the top seed in the NFC, so there’s no guarantee they’ll play their starters for the entire game.

The betting market has tightened the line as to where Detroit is deemed to have a legitimate chance of winning. With the popularity low, the Lions have a lot of value if you’re looking for a surprise where the better team will probably treat it more like a preseason game in the second half.

Annoying value bet

We wouldn’t normally include an eight-point underdog as a pick recommendation, but it’s the last week of the season. If you’re losing and you need a big surprise to move up the ranks in your group, the Panthers are worth considering.

Carolina is extremely unpopular. Only the Jets (as a 16-point underdog) are being drafted less often. About 83 percent of the public is choosing Tampa Bay with the margin, which is the most popular pick of the week in the margin groups. But we estimate that the Panthers’ winning odds are 26 percent. With so few tickets choosing them, chances are you are one of the few (in a large group) or perhaps the only one choosing them.

The Buccaneers have some key offensive players out, including RB Leonard Fournette and WR Chris Godwin. They are not playing their best at the moment. The Panthers would need to perform well defensively, but if you need to throw a Hail Mary, this is the best game to try.

Week 18 NFL Survivor Pool Picks: Most Popular Picks

It is the final week for the survivor groups unless they extend to the playoffs. That means the future is now and you don’t have to save for a different week. If the tickets have gone this far, they have probably used most of the good equipment.

Here are the most popular picks so far for Week 18.

  • Tennessee Titans (36% popularity) in Houston Texans
  • Washington soccer team (14% popularity) in the New York Giants
  • Baltimore Ravens (10% popularity) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
  • New Orleans Saints (7% popularity) at Atlanta Falcons
  • Buffalo Bills (4% popularity) vs. New York Jets

You can check our Selection analysis of week 18 and get our personalized pick recommendations if you’re still competing in a survivor group.

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