Manningcast guest list Week 17: Here’s who will join Peyton, Eli Manning on ‘Monday Night Football’

The final “Monday Night Football” showdown of the 2021 NFL season will feature the Manning brothers. Peyton and Eli Manning will return to the ESPN airwaves for the first time since Week 13 and will have their most star-studded guest list in quite some time.

In Week 13, the Manning had only three guests as part of “Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli.” This week, they’ll go back to their usual one per quarter, and have an active NFL player on the show for the first time since Week 8. It’s unclear if the Manningcast curse “had an impact on that, but soon, ‘We’ll see. if the curse remains.

While the Manning’s guest list is looking good in Week 17, it will still be difficult to headline his best moment of the season. That happened during Marshawn Lynch’s appearance in week 7. She appeared on the show and admitted that she had been drinking Hennessy (and spilled a lot of profanity during the broadcast). That episode itself was legendary, as it was also during which Eli Manning showed the double bird to the camera. That prompted three complaints submitted by viewers to the FCC.

Can the Mannings get over that show and those moments? It’s unlikely, but maybe your three-man guest list for Week 17 will come as a surprise.

Here’s a look at the guest list for the Week 13 broadcast of “Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli” during the Buccaneers vs. Giants.

Manningcast Guests for Week 17

  • Bill Cowher, former Steelers coach
  • Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner
  • Snoop Dogg, rapper
  • Aaron Rodgers, Packers quarterback

Bill cowher

If ever there was a broadcast to feature Bill Cowher, this would be the one. He coached the Steelers from 1992 to 2006 and was present for the first three games of Big Ben’s career. With Roethlisberger likely on his way to retirement, Cowher will be there to celebrate his former quarterback’s career.

Cowher oversaw the first three years of Roethlisberger’s career and led him to a 29-11 regular season record. He helped the young quarterback win his first Super Bowl in 2006 and then trained for one more season before retiring.

Cowher can talk about the start of Roethlisberger’s 17-year career, so perhaps he has a few stories from his early days with the Steelers to share with the Manning brothers.

Roger goodell

The Mannings really did their best for their last regular season broadcast. They managed to put Roger Goodell in week 17.

Goodell obviously knows the Manning and knows that Peyton is a good brand ambassador for the league. That’s part of the reason he comes to the show; to raise your profile.

It’s also worth noting that Peyton was tied to the NFL commissioner job before the season began. Goodell can give Manning a good joke on that rumor, which Manning has denied.

Snoop dogg

You may not know it, but Snoop Dogg is a huge Steelers fan. He also likes the Raiders and Cowboys, but the Steelers are his favorite team. So it makes sense for him to be on the show in what should be a bit of a Steelers love party.

Snoop Dogg is also friendly enough with Manning. Snoop in particular asked Manning an interview question about his father and brother before Super Bowl 50, so he knows what he’s doing about the Manning family and football.

Aaron Rodgers

Finally, we have a chance to see if the Manningcast curse will continue. So far this season, six active players have appeared on “Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli.” Each player’s team has lost the game after their appearance.

The Packers will play the Lions in Week 18 so they will have to watch out for the curse despite the easy matchup.

Rodgers is in the middle of another possible MVP season, so it’s no surprise the Mannings are targeting him. Rodgers came to the league a year after Roethlisberger and beat him in the Super Bowl, so perhaps the Manning will take advantage of that connection and history during the broadcast.

How to watch Peyton, Eli Manning on Monday Night Football

“Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli” will air on ESPN2. It will also be simulcast on ESPN’s streaming service ESPN +, which has several subscription options. You can see them all below.

Product General price as of August 13
Monthly subscription to ESPN + $ 6.99 / month
Annual subscription to ESPN + $ 69.99 / year
Disney’s bundle with Hulu advertising $ 19.99 / month
Disney’s bundle with Hulu without ads $ 13.99 / month
Standalone UFC PPV $ 69.99 each
UFC PPV package (UFC PPV and ESPN + yearly) $ 89.98, then $ 69.99 / year
UFC PPV and the Disney package $ 83.98, then $ 13.99 / month

Viewers can also stream “Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli” using fuboTV, offering a free seven-day trial.