LSU coach Brian Kelly has odd explanation (or joke?) about bad Southern accent

Brian Kelly is very good at winning college football games. The evidence: look at your race training record. Those last five seasons at Notre Dame are pretty impressive.

Brian Kelly is very bad for the accent. The evidence: Check out this video of one of his first public appearances as LSU’s head coach. What he does to the word “family” is really awful.

So what exactly happened there? Kelly tried to explain her strange Southern accent in an interview that took place during ESPN’s broadcast of the Texas Bowl on Tuesday night. Kelly answered a question about her viral dance video with LSU signatory Walker Howard, then he referred to the infamous pronunciation of “family.”

“Listen, Walker Howard is a five-star quarterback. You know you have to do what your quarterback asks of you, right?” Kelly said. “If he says, ‘You have to dance,’ why don’t you dance? Listen, whether it’s dancing or I couldn’t lower my accent with ‘family.’ Listen, I’m from Boston. We don’t have a strong accent. “

Expect. Sorry. What was that last part? People from Boston Don’t have strong accents?

There are two ways to interpret what Kelly said.

  • No. 1: He really believes that good people in that area have no accent. In that case, you must be admitted to a hospital as soon as possible. Someone please find the best neurologist in America and send that person to Baton Rouge, Louisiana right away.
  • No. 2: He was firing a joke, but his execution was so poor that he didn’t come close to hitting the landing. (Speaking of execution, this wouldn’t be the first time Kelly has failed a joke.)

Regardless of what Kelly was trying to do, the biggest takeaway here is that Kelly should focus on soccer and leave the southern accent behind. No one at LSU will care what it sounds like if the Tigers regain their status as true championship contenders.