Early 2022 Fantasy QB Rankings

We are just entering the new year, so why not go ahead and offer some early fantasy football rankings? Of course, our final 2022 preseason fantasy QB rankings in the fall will look different than our set too early below. Injuries, free agency, trades, the NFL draft, and just the general consensus after spending an offseason examining every statistic imaginable will cause a lot of adjustments, but for those of you who already miss fantasy football, get an idea. early next season never hurts. – especially if you are in a goalkeeper or dynasty league.

The presence of elite running up for QBs like Lamar Jackson, Jalen Hurts and Kyler Murray will always make them top fantasy picks, and Trey Lance and Justin Fields could join them in that exclusive group next season. Lance and Fields showed their career potential in limited sample sizes this season, but we like Lance best because he’s tied to top-tier weapons and a stable organization. Expectations were always too high for Fields in the first year surrounded by a weak offense in Chicago, but we can’t overreact to his rookie campaign. He’s got all the tools and could be ready for a QB1 season.

On the other hand, is it time to get down veteran pocket passers Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady? And how should Joe Burrow stack up to high-end scramblers after a season-end breakup in 2021? We know that pocket pins have to have ridiculous volume and high TD rate to be among the elite fantasy options, and these guys can fluctuate from year to year. That said, guys like Burrow and Justin Herbert do enough on the ground to power up with their impressive passing stats and great deep plays.

Kirk Cousins ​​broke the bottom of our top 15 list, but guys like Derek Carr, Tua Tagovailoa and Trevor Lawrence could be considered in that range if their receivers, offensive lines, and / or offensive lines in general are improved. Ultimately, you want to aim higher here, and while Lawrence had a disastrous rookie season, it’s too early to write it off, especially with a new coaching staff heading to Jacksonville.

As always, the debate of who should be the first QB off the board will be in full force, and we believe it is time for Patrick Mahomes to be dethroned. See the best risers, drops, and sleepers below.

Early 2022 Fantasy QB Ranking

Ratings are based on formats.

Rank Player
one Josh Allen, BUF
two Patrick Mahomes, Kentucky
3 Justin Herbert, ALC
4 Kyler Murray, ARI
5 Lamar Jackson, LBA
6 Dak Prescott, DAL
7 Joe Burrow, CIN
8 Jalen hurts, PHI
9 Aaron Rodgers, GB
10 Tom Brady, tuberculosis
eleven Trey Lance, San Francisco
12 Russell Wilson, MAR
13 Matthew Stafford, L to R
14 Justin Fields, CHI
fifteen Kirk’s Cousins, MIN