Donna Kelce overcomes travel delays to attend sons Travis, Jason’s playoff games on same day

Donna Kelce was probably one of the busiest people on Sunday as she set out to watch her sons, Eagles All-Pro center Jason and Chiefs All-Pro tight end Travis, compete in their respective games. of playoffs the same day.

However, there was only one minor problem. The Eagles were playing in Tampa at 1 pm and the Chiefs were in Kansas City at 8 pm, which meant he would have little time to get to Game 2 early on.

He made the first game, without problems, even though the Eagles fell 31-15 and had the day off with a left foot. Nonetheless, she was still determined to make it to Travis’ game, even after the weather held her back and she needed two modes of transportation to get to the airport.

In his text message, Kelce said he hoped to get there in the first quarter, which ultimately didn’t happen. However, it soon became clear that more people than Kelce were interested in her safe arrival and wanted her to pull off her feat of seeing both sons in two different games on the same day.

The league went so far as to ask if the Kansas City Police Department could escort Kelce to the stadium before Mayor Quinton Lucas stepped in and said he would pick her up at the airport himself.

Kelce eventually made it to the second half of the game, meaning he got to see not only a Chiefs win, but also an impressive performance from Travis, who had five receptions for 108 yards and a touchdown, while throwing for another touchdown.

After the game, Donna surprised Travis by asking the first question of the post-game press conference, much to Travis’ astonishment.

He asked Travis what it was like to finally throw a touchdown pass after all this time, to which Kelce commented that it’s something he’s thought about and waited for a long time, but he didn’t expect it to take nine years.

However, it was Donna’s response that most aptly summed up her trip.

“It was unbelievable and that’s what makes sports so good: you can be down in the morning and euphoric in the evening,” he said.