Does Frank Gore have a son? Meet Frank Gore Jr., the college RB following in father’s footsteps

Frank Gore is known for his long career in the NFL. Believe it or not, he now also has a son who plays college football.

When Gore was playing at the University of Miami, he had a son named Frank Gore Jr. during his second year in a red jersey in 2002. Gore, at the time, was recovering from knee surgery, so he sat on the sidelines that time. season.

Now 19, Gore Jr. is making a name for himself at the college football level. If the oldest of the Gore, a free agent at 38, decides to return to soccer in the next few years, he and Gore Jr. may become the first father-son duo to be active in the NFL.

Does Frank Gore have a son?

Frank Gore’s son, Frank Gore Jr., is a 19-year-old sophomore at the University of Southern Mississippi. He is a running back on the smallest school soccer team in Division I.

During Gore Jr.’s freshman season in southern Mississippi, both he and older Gore (who was playing for the Jets at the time) scored rushing touchdowns the same weekend. It was then that fans began to realize that Gore had a son, and one who was also quite good at soccer.

Is Derrick Gore related to Frank Gore?

Despite having the same last name and playing the same position in the NFL, Chiefs running back Derrick Gore is not related to Frank Gore.

Derrick, 27, signed with the Chargers practice team in 2019 after being an undrafted free agent from Louisiana-Monroe (though he did play his first two seasons in college in Alabama). From the time he was originally signed by the Chargers until the Chiefs picked him up in February 2021, Derrick never started in an NFL game. He was continuously released and re-signed by the Chargers to be on their practice squad. Washington even picked him up for their practice squad for less than a month (from December 2019 to January 2020). So this season is Derrick’s first time seeing real action in the NFL.

Gore has played in seven games this season with the Chiefs, but has only seen action in four games. He has rushed 146 yards so far with two touchdowns.

College Statistics for Frank Gore Jr.

Southern Mississippi was 3-9 this season, finishing sixth of seven teams in the US Western Conference division.As a freshman, Gore Jr. played in all 12 games. He finished with 801 rushing yards on 179 carries. He also had five rushing touchdowns. Gore Jr. also helped in the reception, with a total of 155 yards on 20 receptions.

Gore Jr. stood out as the best running back on the South Mississippi team in his second season. He led the team in rushing yards with his 801 yards, and the person who had the second-most had only 447 yards.

Gore Jr. has also had to play quarterback a few times this season after injuries damaged the quarterback roster. In his first game as a quarterback against Louisiana Tech, Gore Jr. threw two touchdown passes and threw a total of 75 yards. Southern Mississippi ended up winning 35-19. Throughout the season, Gore Jr. threw 10 of 16 completions for 189 yards and four touchdowns. Not bad for a runner in his second season.

Although Gore Jr. is in his sophomore year in southern Mississippi, the football team’s website still calls him a freshman. The reason for this is unknown.

Frank Gore retired from the NFL?

Gore has played for five teams in his 16-year NFL career. His longest stunt was with the 49ers, for whom he played in 2005 through the end of the 2014 season. Gore had eight seasons with the 49ers with more than 1,000 rushing yards.

After the 49ers dropped Gore, he headed to the Colts, where he played for three seasons. He started all 48 games there.

Since leaving the Colts after the 2017 season, Gore played with the Dolphins, Bills and Jets each for one season. He only had 722, 599 and 653 rushing yards for those three teams, respectively. He missed his last game with the Jets at the end of the 2020 season.

At this time, Gore is a free agent as neither team has signed him in the offseason. There was talk that the 49ers and Kyle Shanahan could possibly pick him up for a 49ers-Gore meeting, but that ended up not happening. Gore has exactly 16,000 rushing yards in his NFL career, making him the third player after Emmitt Smith and Walter Payton to reach this number. He also holds the record for the most games he started as a running back with 241 games.

When Gore spoke to Good Morning Football in early December, he made it look like he’d only get back to football if a team called that has a chance to go to the Super Bowl.

Gore is turning to boxing now as he prepares to face former NBA player Deron Williams on Saturday, December 18.