Cowboys radio announcers rip fans for throwing debris at refs after loss to 49ers: ‘Stay classy, Dallas’

The wild ending sequence of the Cowboys’ loss to the 49ers angered many Dallas fans. Those fans felt the team had been robbed of one last chance to shoot in the end zone after Dak Prescott failed to finish off the ball before the final nine seconds ran out.

The Cowboys faithful directed their displeasure at the umpires. Why? Because the umpire collided with a couple of Cowboys players while trying to spot the ball. That put the final two seconds on the clock before Prescott could finish off the ball.

As strange as the clash seemed, the referee was correct in trying to place the ball; an umpire must place the ball on the ground for it to be considered ready for play, as the official rule book of the NFL. Cowboys center Tyler Biadasz had been the one to set him up before the referee arrived.

A dead ball is ready for play while the 40-second play clock is running when an official places the ball where it will next be put into play, or when the official signals the 25-second play clock. to start.

Still, that didn’t stop Dallas fans from booing the referees and throwing debris at them. That caught the attention of the Cowboys’ radio broadcast, which chastised fans for their postgame actions. Below is a look at the full call.

“People now throw things on the field,” said the announcer. “That’s not good. That’s not good. Water bottles are falling, these officials need to get out of there. That’s not good. Stay fancy, Dallas.”

That message is certainly different from the one Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott gave fans during his postgame news conference.

“Med to them,” Prescott said of fans throwing debris at umpires.

The Cowboys may not have been happy with the officiating, but the final play was executed correctly by the rules and by referee Alex Kemp. As such, the Cowboys may want to spend more time looking at the team’s game plan in the final 14 seconds than shooting the referees.

Prescott’s comments will also be worth monitoring. Him giving “credit” to fans who throw debris can land him in trouble with the league office.