Cowboys blast officials for not calling fumble by Cardinals’ Chase Edmonds: ‘Playing more against the refs than other teams’

The Cowboys defensive players felt outnumbered during a key moment against the Cardinals on Sunday, both the Arizona players and the officials against them.

With just under three minutes left in the game, Cardinals running back Chase Edmonds appeared to lose a fumble at the end of a 6-yard run to Dallas 29. The Cowboys recovered, but officials ruled that Edmonds he was down by touch within bounds before groping her. That allowed the Cardinals to maintain possession and keep the clock ticking.

Dallas ran out of timeouts and was therefore unable to contest the decision on the field. On the next play, quarterback Kyler Murray rushed 9 yards for a first down at the two-minute warning. He took three knees from there and the Cardinals went on to defeat the Cowboys 25-22.

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Linebacker Leighton Vander Esch was among the Cowboys players who were sure the on-field decision was wrong.

“It was totally a fumble, and I don’t understand how, with the technology that we have today, even if we don’t have timeouts or whatever,” Vander Esch said after the game. “For me, we play more against the referees than against other teams.”

“We have to keep fighting with everyone, not just the other team, if you understand me,” added Vander Esche.

“I think the umpires dictated the game. It’s no secret,” wide receiver CeeDee Lamb said.

Defensive end Demarcus Lawrence said there is a chance the Cowboys will see “both teams” in the playoffs, an allusion to the umpire team being an opponent as well.

On the play, it looked like Edmonds was starting to lose possession of the ball before it hit the ground. Defensive tackle Osa Odighizuwa fell on the ball as Edmonds went out of bounds with the ball in the field of play.

But because Dallas ran out of timeouts and the clock was not below two minutes, Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy was unable to launch his challenge flag.

The Cowboys had to use their first timeout of the second half with 4:04 remaining as the Cardinals sent Murray and kicker Matt Prater to the field on fourth-and-5 from Dallas 8. The Cardinals were ahead 19-7 at time. and the Dallas defense wasn’t sure whether to defend against a field goal or a possible fourth-down play.

McCarthy then had to use another timeout after another questionable call in a race from Edmonds. Edmonds ran 11 yards to the right sideline and appeared to have been tackled out of bounds, but the decision on the field was that he was dropped in bounds, which kept the clock ticking.

The loss was a blow to the Cowboys (11-5), who fell from second seed in the NFC playoff field to fourth seed, behind the Packers, Rams and Buccaneers.