Buccaneers’ Le’Veon Bell wishes ‘close friend’ Antonio Brown well after release: ‘He’s not perfect’

Le’Veon Bell has only been with the Buccaneers for a couple of weeks, but he has a long-standing relationship with Antonio Brown. They became close during his five seasons with the Steelers and have remained friends since Bell left the team through his resistance in 2018.

That made Brown’s midgame pitching for the Bucs hard for Bell to digest.

“It’s tough,” Bell said of Brown’s release during a postgame news conference. “Honestly, when I came here, I was happy to meet him. Unfortunately, [it’s] only [for] two games “.

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Bruce Arians announced that Brown was “no longer a Buccaneer” after Brown’s collapse on the sideline midway through the third quarter of Tampa Bay’s 28-24 win over the Jets.

During the crisis, Brown removed his jersey, pads and jersey and threw his jersey into the stands. He then ran to the locker room, but stopped in the end zone to cheer on the New York crowd before showing a peace sign and leaving the field. They did not see him again.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reports that the dispute began after Brown refused to enter the game at Arians’ request.

Bell and his teammates were largely unaware of what was happening with Brown as it unfolded. Most found out that he was released after the game and Bell reached out to him immediately after hearing the news.

“He’s still one of my close friends,” Bell said. “As if you didn’t hear me speak ill of AB at all. Obviously, I understand things happen, but he’s one of my closest friends I’ve been with. Close partner, good person overall. Obviously they take bad things sometimes. decisions but you know, he’s human. He’s not perfect. “

Brown has gotten into a lot of trouble during his NFL career. Most recently, he was suspended for three games after misrepresenting his vaccination status. Arians and the Buccaneers welcomed him, but his most recent outburst was one he couldn’t get over.

While Bell and Brown will no longer be teammates, Bell still plans to support his longtime friend.

“At the end of the day, I wish him the best outside of soccer or anywhere else,” Bell said. “He’s still one of my close friends. Like I said, I’ll still be hanging out with him and talking to him on a daily basis, and I’ll continue to try to make plays for this team.”