Antonio Brown talks relationship with Kanye West, post-Bucs outlook: ‘I’ve got a new job, it’s called living’

Antonio Brown hopes to return to the NFL, but until then, he will focus on his music.

In an interview with Complex, Brown spoke about his shirtless outing during the Buccaneers’ Jan. 2 win against the Jets that led to his release, and what he’s been up to since leaving the NFL.

Brown said “a couple” of teams have called him up and he wants a “chance to play again.” In the meantime, he said, he is working on releasing an album, “Himmothy 2,” his second album after “Himmothy,” which was released under his stage name, aB.

“I’m a football player, man. I’m a professional athlete. Let’s not twist it,” Brown told Complex. “That’s the main thing. But right now, what I do with music is what I do when I’m not playing. So once I can get surgery (on my ankle) and clean up, hopefully the album will be ready.” out of.”

Brown walked off the field during the third quarter against the Jets, removing his jersey, pads and undershirt before walking into the tunnel. The Buccaneers released him on January 6.

Brown claimed that he had told coach Bruce Arians that he could not continue playing due to his ankle injury and that Arians wanted him to play despite it. The Buccaneers have said that Brown was cleared by medical personnel to play against the Jets, and Arians denied that Brown was playing because of an injury.

The receiver told Complex that his tenure in Tampa Bay “wasn’t a good feeling,” but he also believes he “represented myself the right way.”

“I could have handled my emotions better by going off the field and doing a distraction, but at that point, I didn’t want to be a part of it anymore,” Brown said. “You’re sacrificing your health to play someone, and they don’t really respect that, so for me that was a slap in the face.

“I’m glad I did what my heart told me at the time. I could have handled it better, but I think you have to stand up for yourself.”

Since leaving MetLife Stadium, Brown has been enjoying himself in Los Angeles. He has been seen dating Kanye West, Madonna, and Floyd Mayweather.

Brown said he partnered with West on sports brand Donda and hinted that he and West might have been involved in making music together, saying “we’ve got some things coming up,” before adding that both West’s “Donda 2” and his “Himmothy 2” will be released soon.

“I have a new job, it’s called living. That’s our only job in the world, it’s just living,” Brown said. “It’s not about the things we take so seriously.”

Brown said his hope is to go platinum and be the “first athlete that people really respect for the craft, for the music.” He added that he wants to be seen at the Rolling Loud California music festival.

“I hope you see my shirt everywhere, getting people excited,” Brown said.