Antonio Brown goes off on social media, takes aim at Bruce Arians, Tom Brady and Alex Guerrero

The Buccaneers have yet to release Antonio Brown after his midgame outburst on Sunday, but his departure from the team is simply a matter of procedure. Tampa Bay coach Bruce Arians made it crystal clear when he declared that Brown was “no longer a Buc” after the team’s win over the Jets.

However, removing the seven-time Pro Bowler from the locker room doesn’t eliminate the possibility of more Brown-related drama. Case in point: Brown decided Thursday morning was a good time to launch some social media posts involving Arians, as well as Tom Brady and his longtime coach, Alex Guerrero.

In his first Instagram post, Brown shared the rap song he dropped after abruptly leaving the Buccaneers’ Week 17 game against the Jets. He added the caption: “They make you look like the bad person so they can feel good about their mistakes.”

But then Brown got more specific, tweeting what appears to be a conversation between him and Arians showing that they had discussed Brown’s ankle injury before Sunday’s game. In a statement released through his attorney Wednesday, Brown alleged that he did not resign from the team, but was “cut” by Arians because he would not play with a “well documented” injury. Arians did not share details of the on-field trade he had with Brown, saying only that it did not cover the condition of Brown’s ankle.

“I’m an all-inclusive coach,” Brown said in the alleged text conversation. “Actually [can’t] come at full speed. I want to win, I want to be there. [If] I wake up tomorrow [and] feel better, I’ll be ready. “

“Meet me [in] in the morning, “Arians replied, based on the screenshot.” We will talk. I definitely want him with us in case he’s ready. ”

Brown then took aim at Brady and Gurerrero, sharing an alleged conversation he had with Guerrero on a financial issue. Brown asked Guerrero for half of the $ 100,000 he paid for the services, according to the screenshot, and Guerrero asked where he should send the money.

“[Brady’s] guy [Guerrero] charging me [$100,000 and] Never do my job! “Brown said in the Instagram caption.”[How do you] even work [with] People like this! “

Brown also shared a poster image for “Home Alone 2” with Arians and Brady portraying the robbers originally played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern.

In his final post, Brown explained that he was ultimately more upset with the way the team handled his injury than with the actions taken by his teammates.

“Don’t get twisted. My brothers have been good to me,” Brown tweeted. “From Tom to the practice team, we were a high-level unit. They have been good to me and didn’t know anything about my conversations with the coach last week. The team mishandled this situation. They disappointed me and most importantly , to my teammates. ” “

Arians does not plan to speak to reporters. until Friday, but Brady is supposed to be available to the media on Thursday. He said Sunday that Brown’s departure was “obviously a difficult situation.”

“We all love him. We care deeply for him. We want to see him at his best. Unfortunately, [he] He won’t be with our team, “Brady said.” We have many friendships that will last. Once again, I think the most important thing in football is the relationships with your friends and teammates, which go beyond the field.

“I think everyone should be very compassionate and empathetic with some very difficult things that are going on.”