Antonio Brown accuses Buccaneers of trying to pay him $200k to ‘go to the crazy house’ in damning interview preview

Antonio Brown certainly hasn’t been quiet since his unceremonious departure from Tampa Bay nearly a month ago. He has sent out numerous posts across all of his social media platforms, given podcast interviews and issued statements, and still manages to stay relevant as a topic of conversation for many NFL fans.

That continued Tuesday after HBO released an excerpt from an interview Brown gave with his attorney Sean Burstyn for “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.” The show tweeted a nearly 2:30-minute video previewing Brown’s appearance, where he talks about injecting Toradol, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used to treat moderately severe pain and swelling, as well as an offer the Buccaneers made. him for mental help and other issues.

In the clip shared by the show, both Brown and Burstyn chime in and answer Gumbel’s questions.

“In fact, we have in the medical records that we’ve reviewed, evidence that the team regularly injected Antonio with Toradol so that he couldn’t feel the damage it was doing to his ankle until he got to that threshold point where he told his coach: he can’t play and the coach’s response was ‘Get the F— off the field,'” Burstyn said in the clip.

Brown was also asked if he complained about his lack of goals, which Brown refuted.

But perhaps the most damning part of the shared clip, however, focused on Brown’s mental health and the accusation Brown and Burstyn made that the Bucs wanted the wide receiver to commit.

“These guys from the Tampa Bay Bucs tried to cut a deal with me to give me $200,000 to go to the madhouse to make it look like they know what they’re talking about,” Brown said. “These guys are not professionals, they treated me badly.”

The offer, as Burstyn described it, was that the Bucs would give Brown $200,000 in exchange for Brown appearing on “some kind of roster.” “The general manager specifically told us, in writing, [Jason Licht], ‘don’t turn this around any other way’.”

“To the extent that any of that comes from the twist that Antonio had a spontaneous mental episode, it’s resentful, it’s hurtful, and it’s a disservice to people with mental health issues,” Burstyn said.

Brown then weighed in and shed light on the team’s offer, which he said was done as a public relations move and to make the Buccaneers look good. Gumbel then asked if Brown thought he needed any kind of professional mental help.

Brown admitted that he can be misunderstood at times, but it’s also not everyone’s place to try to understand him or interpret his actions.

“I’m mentally rich. I know a lot of people might not understand me or how I see things or how I react emotionally to things, but it’s not for them to understand me,” Brown said.

The full interview with Brown can be seen at 10 pm ET when ‘Real Sports’ airs on HBO.