49ers general manager John Lynch ‘accidentally and unknowingly’ likes anti-Jimmy Garoppolo tweet

John Lynch had to do some explaining after being too careless with his Twitter fingers.

The 49ers general manager caused a sensation on social media after Twitter users discovered that Lynch had liked a tweet about Jimmy Garoppolo. The San Francisco quarterback fought a 20-17 loss to the Titans Thursday night, throwing two interceptions and missing a wide receiver for an easy touchdown. Many 49ers fans wanted to see rookie Trey Lance replace Garoppolo not only in that game, but for the rest of the season as well.

One account in particular decided to tag Lynch in a tweet that read, “Drop Jimmy in Nashville.” That tweet was later seen with Lynch’s likes, but he hasn’t received any likes since.

Lynch posted a message Friday night explaining the social media problem.

“Apparently while I was at Mass on Christmas Eve [with] my family: accidentally and unknowingly liked a tweet, “said Lynch.” I never intended [like the tweet] and he’s still a great believer in Jimmy. Merry Christmas everyone. “

While it’s more entertaining to imagine a scenario where Lynch is messaging his own quarterback via his Twitter likes, this is probably just a case of Lynch scrolling through his mentions and hitting the Like button. It is not an uncommon occurrence for users of the Twitter mobile app.

Garoppolo has the support of his GM for now, but the end of the Jimmy G Era could come soon. The 49ers are sixth in the NFC standings as of Saturday, so they could still make the playoffs. However, if they slip down the stretch or lose early in the postseason, San Francisco could hand Lance the starting job before the 2022 season.